Companies, products, information sources, and other items that you may find useful are listed here. Wherever possible, I've contacted the company and asked to be a brand ambassador or affiliate marketer so that you can support Hungry Nordic simply by making use of the great resources on this list!


The Hungry Nordic Fahrenheit to Celsius Chart

If you're used to working with temperatures in Fahrenheit and are living somewhere that uses Celsius (or vice versa), this is the printout for you. Keep it on your fridge or next to your cookbooks.


The Hungry Nordic Conversion Cheat Sheet


Behind the Scenes Blogger Resource: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a Boise company that provides email marketing services especially focused on blogging. Their system is set up to be subscriber-centric so that I can treat each of my wonderful subscribers like the individuals that you are! I'm currently transitioning from MailChimp to ConvertKit and loving it. ConvertKit's book, The Complete Guide to Email Marketing, is proving to be very helpful.