30-second Breakfast: Muesli

Sometimes I just want to eat breakfast and I don't want to wait or put in much effort. Actually, most mornings that is exactly how I feel. This old-fashioned cereal has been a favorite in our house because it is as delicious as it is easy.


  • about a cupful of rolled oats (see notes)
  • a sprinkling of nuts, like walnuts
  • a little scoopful of dried fruit, like raisins
  • enough milk to cover

How to

  1. Put everything in your cereal bowl.
  2. That's all, really. I told you it was easy! Enjoy!

Notes & tips

  • If you like this as much as we do, you can mix up batches to keep in the pantry. Use about 1 cup each of nuts and raisins for each pound of rolled oats. Of course you can add more or less if you prefer more or less.
  • There is a lot of confusion about "gluten free oats" among people who are newly diagnosed with Celiac disease. Talk with your doctor or nutritionist for the most up-to-date info as it pertains to you specifically. If you're unable to have anything contaminated with trace amounts of wheat, but oats themselves are not a problem (as is the case with most people with Celiac disease), then look for products that have been segregated from wheat throughout production, like this: http://www.glutenfreeoats.com/pages/Our-Inspection-Process.html.
  • Any type of milk that you like will be delicious with muesli, so it is easy to make this a vegan breakfast!
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