Kitchen Chat: Upcoming Webinar, the Confounding Pound, and The Nordic Cookbook

This week, join me at my kitchen table for a look at what's the latest in the world of Hungry Nordic. Tip: join the email subscribers list in order to be first to hear when registration opens for my webinar - I'm planning to offer a free early registration.

**UPDATE** Enrollment is open! Check availability on my schedule and sign up for the individual session or a group class.

Resources for converting recipes:
1) Google (just type "convert" and then "2.5 lbs to kg" or whatever you want to convert)
2) King Arthur Flour has a very useful chart specific to flours and other baking ingredients:
3) For more detail in converting, try Wikipedia for further info or for converting any unit I can think of (scroll down for volume and weight conversions).
4) For instructions on going back and forth between metric and imperial measurements, all recipes has a great guide here:
5) For instructions on scaling recipes up or down, The Spruce has a quick guide here:

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